Bulk Mail Secret #2

14 Apr

Yesterday, I shared with you the first secret of getting your bulk mail opened. Today, I’ll unveil secret #2…


See, the thing about publicity is that you’re not really paying a literary publicist for her ability to write a good press release, or her ability to hone in on the best hook for your book. Both are important skills and without them a publicist isn’t going to find herself re-hired too often. The most important thing a publicist brings to the promotion of a project, though, is her relationships.

This is true in your life as well. How much more likely are you to open an envelope from Great Aunt Edna than you are from the car dealership in the next town over? The relationship with Aunt Edna makes you care about the communication, so you open the envelope and read.

The same applies to bulk mailings conducted by publicists. If I’m mailing to a group of people with whom I’ve been working for the past six years, then they have a pretty good idea of the communication I’m sending before they even open the envelope. Hopefully – if I’ve done my job well and solidly built the relationship – they realize before ever opening the envelope that its contents will be well-written, creative, entertaining and, most importantly, relevant specifically to their situation.

The relationship serves as the mechanism that allows the recipient to trust the sender, and so open the package.

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Posted by on April 14, 2010 in Publicity Tips/Techniques


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