Proper Pitching Position

19 Apr

This morning,  I’ll be working hard to secure more radio interviews for a particular client, the author of a NON-fiction book. I do not do a ton of radio work for novelists because it hasn’t yet proven a reliably effective route for persuading consumers to purchase novels, but I work with enough non-fiction folks to keep my radio relationships growing. This ensures I have the contacts I need when the right novelists come along.

Non-publicists (and some publicists – eek!) are often stymied by the proper position to take when pitching. So, today I’ll share the easiest method for approaching media representatives.

Adopt a servant’s heart.

Pitching media – radio, television, print, or internet – will go best if you adopt (what we call in Christian circles) a servant’s heart. My job as a publicist is to serve the media.

  • I want to give them story ideas, interview opportunities, and good products to review.
  • I respond to them as fast as possible when they ask for or even intimate they might be interested in something or someone with whom I work.
  • I supply them with all the info they need – in the timeframe they need it – to opt to review the product, interview the author, or just write a quick snippet about either/both.
  • I research both them and their shows to make my pitch relevant.
  • I even help them secure interviews with non-clients when they call me and aren’t sure how to reach so-and-so at a publishing house or such-and-such bestseller.

My job (and yours, if you’re promoting something through media) isn’t to garner praise or even recognition for my own work. My job is to make their jobs easier.

As a quick aside, if you approach your promotional work with a servant’s heart, it also becomes a more joyful experience for you. It’s a blast to make others’ days happier!  Have you had that experience? The one where you surprise someone with something that makes their day brighter, their workload a bit lighter, their job a bit easier? It’s an incredible feeling when a producer says to me, “You’re just so easy to work with.” When I hear that, I check the day off as a good one and go find the chocolate.

Have you tried promoting your own products? Are you a professional publicist? Tell me all about your experiences – good, bad, or indifferent. I’d love to do the happy dance with you over the victories and cry with you over the tough stuff!

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Posted by on April 19, 2010 in Publicity Tips/Techniques


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