Dream Deferred?

27 Apr

Ever heard that Tim McGraw song, “How Bad Do You Want It?” When the challenges of growing Glass Road and chasing other dreams pile up, I listen to that song. It reminds me that success is determined, at least to some extent, by my commitment to the course.

Which is why I found this sentence in my inbox striking, “Since I never heard back from you, I just put it on hold.”

I’d emailed a gentleman who had inquired about our services and my ability to partner with him on writing a particular project. We had exchanged several emails months ago, but he was also working with others and waiting to see if any of those initiatives came through.

It’d been about six months since I heard from him, so I checked in to see how his other initiatives were working out and to see if he was still pursuing the writing project we’d discussed. His response: “Since I never heard back from you, I just put it on hold.”

Really? The six-month silence of one individual made you ignore what you’d presented as a dream?

For all you writers and publicists out there who hear, “No,” about seventy-three times per minute, take heart and askĀ  yourself: How bad do you want it? Ugly grammar, fantastic question.

Can the silence of one personĀ  – can the actions of a multitude, even – make you give up your dream?

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Posted by on April 27, 2010 in Life Lessons


One response to “Dream Deferred?

  1. Jason

    April 27, 2010 at 3:04 pm

    Other than God being silent, no.


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