Fight Right Friday – Finding God’s Desires

30 Apr

A friend of  mine mentioned on Facebook how much he loves connecting people, especially when he feels certain the meeting was a God-thing. Someone posted a response question. How do you know when it’s a God-thing?

Good question. Just a day before seeing those posts, I read an article about the Christian tendency to believe “God is in this” if everything falls into place. Yet, this can’t be right. Hard work is a good thing, isn’t it? Overcoming obstacles, not letting limitations decide your course of action, charting a path through the muck and mire – these are qualities we admire and aspire to, right?

So, if you’re blocked at every turn…how do you decide that pushing through is the right thing, or that giving up is the right thing? Which is it? In short, what tells you that you’re making the choice that keeps you in God’s will?


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4 responses to “Fight Right Friday – Finding God’s Desires

  1. Gina Burgess

    April 30, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    Let me tell you a story…
    A man walked out of his door one morning to find a huge rock in the middle of his path. God told him to push against the rock. He did so every day. One day he found Satan sitting on top of the rock. Satan said, “Why are you still pushing this rock? You haven’t budged it from day one. This is fruitless. Stop it!” The man said, “You are right!” He went inside and prayed, “God, why do you want me to push against this rock? It is pointless to do this.”

    The next morning, the man went outside and saw an angel sitting on the rock. The angel said, “Sir, why did you stop pushing this rock? Did not God tell you to push it?”
    “Yes, but it is pointless. I’m not getting anywhere and neither is the rock.”
    “Ah… but, look at the muscles in your shoulders and your legs. Are they not stronger? Is not your back stronger than when you started? God has might plans for you. He needs you to be as strong as possible for you to do His work. Pushing the rock was the most expedient way to strengthen you.”
    Moral: Sometimes God stills the storms, sometimes He stills the child. When God shakes well before using, it is so the child will stand firm when the earthquakes occur.

  2. heidibylsma

    April 30, 2010 at 10:55 pm

    I think the previous comment makes a great point.

    People like to think that if God is in something, then things will work well according to their definition. If things fall apart, they reason, God isn’t in it. But the fact is, God is in both. Maybe the “falling apart” *is* his will…to form and shape something deeper, eternal. He takes circumstances that seem horrible to do deeper, eternal works that we may not “get” this side of heaven. Although 9-11 was horrible, I have two friends who came to a saving knowledge of Christ through it. They won’t burn in hell for eternity now. Did 9-11 happen for their salvation? Did all those people die physical death, many with no opportunity (we assume) to confess Christ, so that two people in Cool, California might be Christ-followers for eternity? I imagine there are others, too. So was 9-11 proof that God had given up or wasn’t “on the job” that day? Or did he allow it and then use the tragedy for incredible good? Or…did he *do* it for his purposes period? We like God to “behave” and get very uncomfortable when he doesn’t. We like to define the box that God should live in. The thing is, he is God and we may not understand the details. Like Job…goodness, God and Satan had a *wager*!!! Although God “allowed” Satan to do all that stuff, in the end, God takes ownership of it as if he did the stuff to Job and his family. Interesting aspect of God’s sovereignty…Wonder what I really mean when I sing “He is Lord…”

  3. rebecaseitz

    April 30, 2010 at 11:06 pm

    Wow, those are great comments. Thanks! I don’t wonder so much whether God is IN the tough stuff, really. My main wonder is how to determine WHEN the tough stuff is Him and when to see the tough stuff as Him saying, “Go a different direction.”

    Any insight, folks?

  4. widsith

    August 12, 2010 at 8:42 pm

    This has been on my mind for years, and it seems difficult finding other believers who are asking the same questions. I don’t have answers, but I appreciate that you’re drawing attention to this issue. Thank you!


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