Say, “Yes!”

13 Dec

“So, what do we choose instead?” Hundreds of emails, thousands of comments, lots and lots of texts and FB posts and Tweets – all asking me to point toward what we do about the problem of destructive material in our media.

I have a lot of answers now, and a couple of the bigger ones will be announced shortly.

ImageIn the meantime, I wanted to respond specifically to all of you who said you’d disengaged with media. I want to ask you to engage with one specific product. Earlier this year, DreamWorks purchased Classic Media, which is the parent company of VeggieTales. We are enormous Veggie fans in our house (okay, not so much at the table, but definitely at the TV!). When DreamWorks acquired VT, I got a little nervous. The same company that gave us “Free Birds” (which Eric Metaxas so beautifully discussed for Breakpoint) is going to be the parent of Bob and Larry? The French Peas? Madame Blueberry?

Yep. And that is INCREDIBLE. Those are good values, being acquired by an enormous company, and disseminated to an even more massive audience.

Which is why I’m asking every one of you to download the new VeggieTales app (first one since the DreamWorks acquisition, it was created by Cupcake Digital). Let’s be sure DreamWorks is reminded that there is a loyal audience for Veggie, and what it represents.

Go to your app store and search for “It’s a Very Merry Larry Christmas”. If you wanna go all out, get the DVD, too, “Merry Larry and the True Light of Christmas”. It even features Si Robertson from Duck Commander.

[Full disclosure: Glass Road was hired to help get the word out about the app. Even fuller disclosure: I’d have been talking about this and buying it anyway.]

We can’t just be a people of “no” – we have to say, “YES!” as loudly as possible when good media is created. And this is good, folks! Uber-high quality app that my two kiddos have pronounced, “The coolest ever!” Any of us who have watched VeggieTales DVDs can speak to their high production value. This is a brand that sets the bar.

I love it when we have excellently produced, thought-provoking, high-quality, entertaining media to choose. If you know of other NEW media (we all love the classics, but I’m asking for NEW), let me know in the comments below!

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