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An Open Letter to Glenn Beck

Dear Glenn Beck,

BeckTVShotI’m writing because your words today caused great alarm. I doubt you remember me, so here’s a refresher:

When I wrote a blog post last Fall that went viral (oh my gosh, are you as sick of that phrase as I am?) about a commercial ABC aired during the morning news, your producer called and asked me for an interview.
In my first interview with you – for your radio show – you asked me to lead a boycott of Disney (ABC’s parent company). You asked me to organize moms to march on Disney in protest.

You said to hit ‘em where it hurts – their bank account – and they’d stop airing this stuff.

I declined. I told you I wanted to be a part of the solution by creating entertainment worthy of our time and talent. 

You told me to consider the boycott idea. Held it up as the only way to effect change in our TV content. “It’s all about the money, Rebeca.” Told me to consider a boycott before we talked again. Said you’d put your resources behind me if I’d just take on the idea.

That was a heady moment, Mr. Beck. You’ve got a lot of resources and your fans are very loyal. The tiny woman in me who is mesmerized by the shiny ball of resources started screaming. “Shut up, Rebeca! You do not tell Glenn Beck no! What are you thinking?!”

(I was thinking boycotts don’t solve anything. I was thinking a few million folks not watching a multi-billion dollar network’s channel for a bit wouldn’t make a hill of beans’ worth of difference. I was thinking I needed to focus on causing actual change, not just screaming about causing actual change. I was thinking I can’t – with integrity – tell people that they are making a difference in TV content by holding a sign and marching or by not watching a channel for a little while. I thought a lot of things and wrote them here.)

I stuffed tiny woman’s voice back in her closet. She returned with every call and blog comment telling me to take you up on your offer. A couple hours later, you interviewed me again for your TV show, Mr. Beck.

You opened this second interview by asking me if I’d reconsidered – was I now ready to organize this march on Disney? You offered your resources again. You’d back the effort, I just needed to lead it. I told you it wasn’t about money, it was about the ideology of those in charge.

You laughed.

You told me it was about the money.

Like I just didn’t get it.

And now, it sounds like you get it.

Today, the Blaze reported this quote from your show, “The arrogance on all fronts is just astounding,” he said. “And that’s why when you call your cable company, they don’t care about you. … Honestly? They don’t even care about the American market anymore. All they care about is expanding overseas, because those are growth markets.”

That’s right, Mr. Beck. It doesn’t matter if we call a cable company. If we march on Disney. If we yell or scream.

The article went on to say, “Beck said whether we like it or not, the world is about to change, and that’s why those in power are sending a ‘very clear’ message that ‘you won’t work; you won’t eat; you won’t be accepted anywhere in society’ if you have a different opinion.”

We disagree again, Mr. Beck. And the dangerous impact of your words demanded that I write.

Those words devastate and destroy and depress the people we work with. The people who are the solution.

So I’m writing you to say this:

You are accepted in entertainment if you are someone who wants to create and distribute worthy content. Uplifting. Thought-provoking. Genuinely entertaining. Clever. Intelligent. Soaked in talent and skill. Mainstream. You do have a community to consider. A community that is connected. That is productive. That is committed to principle. That is young but is growing and getting it done.

PrintWe call it SON: Spirit Of Naples.

We’d be happy to have you.

With all sincerity,
Rebeca Seitz


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