Turning The Page

26 Aug

As of August 14, 2018, 7:59pm EST, I resigned from SON Studios.

This will come as a shock to some and I am sorry I have not called each one of you before posting this notice. Frankly, I’m not sure my heart or my introverted brain can last through calls with all of you whom I love and care so deeply about, you who have been so encouraging to me and to SON. Thank you. A million times, thank you. The richness of your relationships has made this six-year attempt at a non-profit worth everything.

Naples, for all its cosmopolitan flair, is still a small community. I accept that there will be “talk.” The short story is that several folks had unexpected events in their lives that cost SON about $1mm in pledges and promised funds over the past year. SON simply ran out of runway to afford operations and I could no longer afford to work without pay.

Much must be navigated and decided. The Board agreed for all of the projects and clients to leave with me. It’s been a humbling and encouraging experience to call each person and hear them say they’ll stick with me for whatever’s next. I’m not sure what will happen as this page turns, but I do know this:

The mission of SON – to use media for good – is the heartbeat of who I am. It may require a different approach (what was it Thomas Edison said about failing 10,000 times on his way to finding the right method?), but that’s okay. I’ve never minded a challenge.

For now, I just needed to acknowledge publicly that I’m no longer at SON. It felt deceptive to not say something. You are welcome to email me at or, if you have my cell number, to use it.

For SON business, please reach out to the remaining Board members (on the SON website).

If you’ve been a member or donor to SON, if you’ve attended an event or taken the time to mail in cards of encouragement, leave voicemails of support, or shoot over emails with cheers – thank you. I sit here today knowing that there are incredible people in this nation who fervently wish to harness the power of story toward a positive end. I love y’all for that. Thank you.

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