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Fight Right Friday – Finding God’s Desires

A friend of  mine mentioned on Facebook how much he loves connecting people, especially when he feels certain the meeting was a God-thing. Someone posted a response question. How do you know when it’s a God-thing?

Good question. Just a day before seeing those posts, I read an article about the Christian tendency to believe “God is in this” if everything falls into place. Yet, this can’t be right. Hard work is a good thing, isn’t it? Overcoming obstacles, not letting limitations decide your course of action, charting a path through the muck and mire – these are qualities we admire and aspire to, right?

So, if you’re blocked at every turn…how do you decide that pushing through is the right thing, or that giving up is the right thing? Which is it? In short, what tells you that you’re making the choice that keeps you in God’s will?


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Fight Right Friday

I’ve decided to devote Fridays to Fight Right days. If you know me personally, then you’ve probably been on the receiving end of  my love of debate at one time or another. Fewer endeavors get my blood churning and synapses firing like an intellectually challenging debate.

So, each Friday, I’ll introduce a topic and let you – my smart readers – hash it out. Remember, though, to Fight Right. That means no personal attacks. Keep your comments on the topic at hand.

This morning, as he finished up his English muffin and coffee routine, my husband (Charlie) was watching a recorded episode of Glenn Beck. Beck has been sharing his thoughts for how to take care of the deficit and get American spending under control. Charlie opined that we should close all military bases around the world, tell all the nations if they mess with us we’ll hammer them hard, and then bring all soldiers home. There was a reference to making Iran “glass”.

Which prompted the Christian in me to rise up. “Charlie, think about what you’re saying. There are innocent people in Iran who have no way to stop those in power. You’d take their lives, too? Engage in mass murder in an age when we have technology that allows us to target an individual home from miles and miles away? That’s not Christian.”

“Yeah, but this is government,” Charlie replied.

“You say, ‘government’ likes it’s some evil institution. Government is populated by people – some of them Christians, too. They don’t check their faith at the door of the Capitol.”

And we were off…

Which leads me to the question I’d like to ask you. If you are a Christian and an elected official, do you have a responsibility to exhibit Christian principles through your position? For instance, if a Senator has the opportunity to extend generosity and kindness, mercy and love to someone in a foreign nation and use the resources of his/her position (which could include American tax dollars), to do so…should he/she?

Charlie says the Senator can be a Christian all he wants but when he sits in his office at the Capitol, his responsibility is to the people who elected him and he has no business using American resources to aid non-American people.

I say a Christian’s responsibility is always, first and foremost, to serve God, and that this responsibility is to be carried out in the fulfilling of whatever duties are required of the position in which God has placed him. I also say a Christian has no border distinctions.

What say you?


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