With over fifteen years of experience in communications, public relations, storytelling, marketing, branding, event planning, fundraising, public appearance coaching and leadership, Rebeca Seitz is uniquely suited to help certain individuals and organizations up their game. (Otherwise, that’d have been a big waste of fifteen years, eh?)

If you are engaged in an activity or mission that leaves the world better than you found it, then Rebeca is interested in helping. And if you’re not making the world better while you make that money or accomplish that mission, well, gosh, Jed, I don’t even want to know you. (That’s a West Wing reference. If you haven’t watched The West Wing, go to Netflix right now. Go ahead. Enjoy.)

Areas of work:

  • Executive Communications
  • Public Appearance Arrangement and Accompaniment
  • Media Placement
  • Event Planning and Management
  • Strategic Planning for Long-term Development
  • Promotional Copywriting for Print, Broadcast, and Online
  • Social Media Engagement and Growth
  • Uncovering Overlooked Opportunities Within
  • Corporate and Personal Branding
  • Writing the Corporate Story
  • Identifying and Reaching Target Markets
  • Coaching Executives and Other Key Individuals for Public Appearances

There are thousands of ways to shape a story and tell it in a way that captivates your target audience into engagement. Whatever your organization needs right now, a story will probably get. But don’t panic if you’re not a storyteller! Because you happen to know someone who is…

If you would like to talk with Rebeca about harnessing the power of story to further you or your organization’s endeavors, email her at


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